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Consumer Services


Alentha has developed a variety of services that are commercialized directly to consumers.


Through a powerful yet easy-to-use platform, users can obtain services that range from immediate basic medical advice to highly specialized second opinion consultations with world-class physicians.


Alentha makes it possible by allowing patients and doctors to communicate through their personal devices in a secured communications platform.


The system also allows the exchange of all diagnostic and medical images required to support the consultation.


All services are complemented by extensive wellbeing programs that allow users to participate in live panel discussions, have access to dietitians and psychologists to resolve basic questions, and receive regularly complementary information to develop healthy habits and improve their quality of life.


Alentha commercializes these services under its own brands through partnerships with media organizations and Cable TV & Broadband operators.


Alentha can also provide customized white-label service for its clients.


Our service Hapy, is currently available for the Latin American and the US Hispanic Markets.


Hapy, has been designed to be distributed directly to consumers through Cable TV and Internet Providers in the region. 


Hapy is a Premium service that provides a number of important Health and Wellbeing services as part of the base subscription. It also offers specialized à-la-carte services.


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Our service for Latin America, Click tu Doc, has been established in a marketing partneship with Latin celebrity-physician Doctora Aliza (Dr. Aliza Lifshitz) and her highly succesful health information website Vida y Salud .


Click tu Doc users have access to a doctor, 24 hours a day, via telephone, video conference, chat and/or email, through their personal devices.


In addition, subscribers have access to personal electronic health records and can request a number of premium services including nutrition advice, psychology support, second opinion consultations,  and interpretation of radiology images.


Our service , Petlum, has been established in a marketing partnership with Animal Planet Latin America. 


Petlum provides access to cerified veterinarians, via telephone, video conference, chat and/or email.


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