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Healthcare Organizations



Alentha Institutional Services is designed to provide healthcare organizations with a complete telemedicine and virtual healthcare solution. These services can empower an institution to better serve its own population or to expand its reach far beyond its traditional area of influence. In addition to providing the technology, establishing protocols and permanently monitoring the operation, Alentha can manage the full implementation including, if required, the commercialization of the institution's services. 


Medical knowledge is no longer subject to the constraints of distance, time and physical space. A medical institution is now able to provide a wide variety of services to as many people as possible regardless of their geographical location.


Whether it's a large medical system that wants to expand its reach globally or a small rural clinic that requires access to specialized support, Alentha can provide a powerful technological solution and match them with the right partners.



Our service, Teleinfarto, offers subscription services for hospitals and clinics in Latin America who need emergency cardiology support for their Emergency Rooms or Intensive Care units. 


Teleinfarto is a service developed in partnership with the pretigious NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF CARDIOLOGY IGNACIO CHAVEZ in México.

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