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Pro bono Services



 Our name is based on the latin verb alenitus which means to provide hope, to encourage and to inspire. Alentha strives to donate its services in benefit of those who may not be able to pay for them. This is not just something we do, it is at the core of who we are.


Access to medical knowledge, including highly specialized services, should never be restricted based on a patient's ability to pay.


Alentha has donated almost 10,000 telemedicine primary care consultations to patients in Latin America. This number continues to increase daily.


Alentha has also facilitated access to specialized medical second opinions for a number of international cases where the advice of world-class specialists from a medical institution in the United States has made a significant difference in the wellbeing of the patients and their families. 


We are very thankful to our partners, providers and clients who make it possible. 



Dr. Parul Jayakar and Dr. Ann Hyslop from Nicklaus Children's Hospital in Miami provide a second opinion consultation via telemedicine for the family of Regina Sanchez* in Mexico.

Alentha and MCH Anywhere® (Nicklaus Children's Hospital Telehealth Program) donated their services to provide support for cases identified

through a media partnership. 

Made possible through the generous support of our partner;

*Name and photo presented with the kind permission of the Sanchez family.

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